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Free Student Loans

Student Loans? Student loans are loan programs extended to those students who wish to take up higher education but do not have the finances to do so. These student loan programs help students complete their course of education with ease and worry about paying back the loan once they have graduated. Applicants to graduate as well as undergraduate programs can apply. These loans are offered via different sources. However, the most common source of funding for student loans is private student loans and federal student loans.

What Are Interest Free Student Loans?

Interest free student loans are loan programs extended to students facing financial constraints, where students do not have to pay any interest on the loan. They are only required to pay back the original loan amount which they borrowed. These interest free student loans are hard to find and are mostly offered by private organizations and individuals who have no motive of making money from investing in loans but have other agenda behind awarding interest free student loans such as promoting education in a specific field or promoting students from a specific geographical region to gain higher education.
Government of the United States does not offer any interest free student loans. They offer student loans at minimal interest rates such as below 5% or offer grants and scholarships which are gifts and do not have to be paid back at any point in time. These are offered mostly to students with the highest need for finances.

Who Offers Interest Free Student Loans?

Interest free student loans are mostly offered by private organization, individuals, and non-profit organizations which support deserving individuals who wish to take up further education but are constrained by finances. Interest free student loans are very difficult to find and are offered by organizations which do not seek monetary benefits but have different objectives such as promoting education amongst specific regions, cultural and religious groups.