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Deferring Student Loans

Deferring student loans can be a great idea for students who are facing hard time managing their repayments. Through this option you can suspend your student loan repayment on a temporary basis. Deferred student loans allow you to repay the loan amount once you complete your education. In turn this helps you concentrate on your studies and also remain safe from defaulting on student loans. You can enjoy a grace period of 6 months, look for a job and then start repaying the borrowed amount with ease. All borrowers can defer their payments during the period of repayment of their loan at least once.


Deferred Student Loans include: Education

Family Leave Student Loan

Public Service Student Loan Deferments

Disability / Rehabilitation


The terms and conditions of all these programs vary. Benefits of Deferring Student Loans

If you realize that you will not be able to make the repayments of your student loans on time, you can go for deferring student loans. Most student loans have the option of deferment which helps you push back your payments in 6 to 12 increments. Deferring student loans will allow you to find a decent job in addition to making some savings. It will also give you the liberty to repay the borrowed amount later. Deferred student loans like Federal Stafford and Perkins Loans can be great choices for students who want to make saving while pursing their college degree and also do not want to end up defaulting on their loans.

How to Defer Student Loans?

Deferring student loans has certain requirements. Once you qualifying for the deferment, you need to know if the interest would accrue while your loan is deferred. You must keep proper record of your deferment status. Also, remember to maintain a proper record of your form. If your deferment period is about to end and you are still unable to return the loan amount you can re-extend your deferment period for another 3 years.