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Citibank Student Loans

What are Citibank Student Loans?
Citibank student loans are loans offered by Citibank to cater to the needs of the students. These loans offered by the Citibank are considered private loans; therefore, they require the applicant to must have a good credit history and also a co-signer to sign the deal on behalf of the student. Citibank offers students comprehensive guidance into the appropriate type of loan for each applicant.
What are the Different Types of Citibank Student Loans?
There are different types of Citibank student loans. These include graduate student loans, undergraduate student loans, health profession student loans, and law student loans. Citibank student loans cater to almost all types of loans a student can ask for. Students enrolled in bachelor degrees or students taking up professional master degrees are both offered unique loan programs catering to the demands of each applicant. Moreover, they also offer specific loans for program-based degrees such as law and health education.
What are the Advantages of Taking Citibank Student Loans?
There are a number of benefits why students should prefer Citibank student loans over other private funders. Citibank student loans allow students deferred payments, which means they can start paying back the original loan amount once the student has complete their course of education and is employed. They also allow students higher borrowing limits. Students can take out a loan including other education related expenses as well. Moreover, their rate of interest for the student loans is lower to other banks and financial intermediaries and they do not have any application fee as well. Citibank student loans are also tax deductible.
How to Apply for Citibank Student Loans?
Citibank student loans can be applied directly or via your institute’s financial aid office. You can walk up to any of the branches of Citibank and apply for the student loan program. You will be required to fill up the loan application form and provide the bank with supporting documents after which they will sanction you the loan.