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Chela Student Loans

Chela student loans are private education loans that are offered by Chela Education Financing. Just like other student loans, the objective of these financial aid programs is to provide students with money for college tuition and other expenses so that they can manage to pursue their studies without worrying about the cost. Chela education Financing is an eminent education financing company that offers a number of student loan programs. It has been providing students with money for college since 1979.

Types of Chela Student Loans

There are various loan programs that come under Chela student loans. Some of them are:
  • Stafford Loans
  • Parent plus loans
  • Graduate/Professional Plus loans
  • Golden State Bonus Benefits program is another type of financial aid program offered by Chela. Students enrolled in a school in California can apply for this type of loan.

    Benefits of Chela Student Loans

    Chela student loans have various benefits. They allow students to have money for college tuition, fee, books, living and other related costs in an easy way. Their variety is another great plus that enable students with diverse educational objectives to apply for a program according to their particular need. These loan programs have a low rate of interest. Also, they have flexible repayment options that make them a suitable choice for students in need of money for college.

    Applying for Chela Student Loans

    Applying for Chela student loans is very simple; the entire process can be managed online. Applicants can submit their application online; it can also be done over the phone. Expense calculators and loan wizard are some of the tools students can use while applying for this loan program. These tools will allow students to find the best loan program offered by Chela.

    Other Student Loan Services by Chela

    In addition to student loans, Chela offers various other financial aid programs for students. These include loan consolidation program by which students can consolidate their multiple student loan repayments into a single one and easily manage the repayment process.