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Astrive Student Loans

College loans Every year, millions of students in the United States face an uphill challenge of covering the cost of their college education.  According to a recent survey, federal aid fails to cover the entire cost that forces students to look at alternative options. These options are usually offered by private banks and lending institutions who offer a wide variety of loans that could essentially help cover the cost of education. Although these loans are not offered by the government and do not have the same features and options, they can be considered as the next best thing under the circumstances. One such option available in the past was Astrive Student Loans. With the help of these loans, students could not only cover the cost of their education but also get an excellent deal in the process.

Astrive Student Loans

In the past, Astrive student loans were an excellent option to finance undergraduate, graduate, professional and continuing educational programs. Just like any other private loan, Astrive student loans were based on the borrower’s credit history and required a cosigner for processing. The amount for these loans ranged from $1500 to $40,000 per academic year, and provided students with a number of repayment options. The size of the loan usually determined the options available, students could take advantage of different types of deferment and repayment options. Students wishing to pay their loans off early were not subjected to any penalties and were also offered a discounted interest rate if they opted for an automated payment option. Astrive student loans also provided competent customer service which helped students understand the terms and conditions and their obligations towards the loan.


Although Astrive student loans are not available anymore, they were still one of the best options for students. The funds provided were specifically for college, meaning they could not be used for vacations, car payments or for any non educational purposes.  These loans were regularly featured in every institution’s preferred lender’s list and had the distinction of being rated as having the best customer service and repayment terms. Apart from this, these loans were popular amongst adult students as well.