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Duke University Financial Aid

Duke University financial aid helps students to pursue a degree at this prestigious university with ease. This institute was established in 1838. It has 2 undergraduate and 10 graduate and professional schools. The university is recognized for offering a number of concentrations and has more than 6,526 undergraduates and 8,220 graduate/professional students. Since the cost of tuition has become pretty high, many students hesitate to enroll in a college degree as they cannot pay for it on their own. Financial aid programs by DU help to solve this problem by providing students with various monetary assistance options to establish a rewarding career.

Types of Duke University Financial Aid

Duke University financial aid entails a number of programs through which students canget money for tuition, books as well as other related expenses. The variety of programs allows students with diverse career goals to find a suitable financial assistance program with ease. They canavail scholarships that are offered on need basis as well as on the basis of merit or athletic excellence. Students can also avail financial aid in the form of work study programs. Students are provided with job opportunities on easy terms in this program so that they can pursue their studies without worrying about the cost that they have to pay. Federal student loans as well as private student loans also include Duke University financial aid.

Applying for Duke University financial aid

To apply for financial at DU students need to fill the FAFSA application which is a general requirements at almost all schools and colleges. Through the information provided in this form the university will determine what kind of financial aid students are eligible for. Students must explore all their options so that they can avail the best financial aid program to pursue their educational goals in the best possible manner. Speaking to the financial aid of the university is also essential to know all the choices and learn about the important details of different Duke University financial aid programs.