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Drexel Financial Aid

Drexel is a prominent university based in Philadelphia, PA. It was set up in 1891 and enjoys the status of a private research institute. The university offers various undergraduate and accelerated degree programs. Also, it has over 100 masters, doctorate and professional courses that help students pursue a thriving career in a field of their choice. Students who cannot afford to study at this prestigious institute can opt for Drexel financial aid and pursue a program without any financial worry.

Benefits of Drexel Financial Aid

By applying for Drexel financial aid students can enjoy various benefits. They can enroll in this esteemed institute and gain quality education in an affordable way. They can avail  money for tuition and related expenses like books, living and travelling without any hassle. The wide array of financial aid programs help students with diverse goals to easily find a suitable option and pursue their career goals.

Types of Drexel Financial Aid Programs

Drexel financial aid includes:
  • Grants
  • Federal loans programs
  • Work-study programs
  • Private student loans
  • Grants make the best options at Drexel as in this financial aid program students are not required to repay the borrowed amount. Federal student loans also make a great choice for students who want to study at Drexel University. These loans programs allow students to have money for college on easy terms and conditions. Their rate of interest is very low. Also, they have flexible repayment choices that make it easily for the borrower to return the loan. Work-Study programs are Drexel financial aid in which students are provided with opportunities to work on part time basis and earn for their tuition. The option of private student loans is also offered at this university.

    Applying for Drexel Financial Aid

    Applying for Drexel financial aid is no different than other prominent institutes. Students need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid as this form helps the financial aid office of the university to decide the eligibility of students for different financial aids. Also, students should speak to the office and explore all their options to avail the best financial aid program offered at this institute.