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Columbia University Financial Aid

Students who want to enroll in Columbia University but do not have the financial resources to manage their tuition can avail Columbia University financial aid and pursue their education goals in a convenient manner. The financial aid program of this eminent university is designed to help students benefit from quality education offered at this prestigious institute in an affordable way. The university does not offer merit or athletics based financial aid.
Type of Columbia University Financial Aid Programs
Columbia University financial aid includes various options such as student loans, grants, scholarships etc. However, grants make the best choice as through this financial aid program students can avail free money. It means that students do not have to return the money that they get through this financial aid program. They can also seek outside fellowships and private student loans to manage the cost of their education at Columbia University. It is best to apply for Federal student loans first as these loan programs have a lower rate of interest compared to private education loans. The ones who exhaust grants or federal student loans and still need money for college can apply for private student loans. As their interest rate is higher than Federal student loans, applicants should consider them only if they cannot manage to pay for college out of their pocket or if other Columbia University financial aid options do not prove to be sufficient to manage the cost of their degree.
How to Apply for Columbia University Financial Aid?
To apply for Columbia University financial aid students need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. They must also file the CSS/PROFILE. Through these forms the financial aid office of the university determines what type of a fund a student is eligible for on the basis of need.  The applicants need to talk to the financial aid office about their options so that they may avail the best financial aid program. The office staff is always willing to guide students and presents them with the details of different Columbia University financial aid programs.