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Brown University Financial Aid

Brown university is a leading institution located in Providence, Rhode Island. The university offers accredited undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degree programs in various study areas. It was founded in 1764 by Morgan Edwards as a college, and now after more than 200 years it has become a reputed university. It is known for its quality education and receives student enrollments from all over the country due to its extensive Brown University financial aid. Degree programs are available in areas such as business administration, arts, law, medicine, and technology. It is ranked as the 7th oldest research university in the United States.

The university follows a need- blind policy of admission, meaning that they consider the applicants academic record over his/her ability to pay. It accepts students from all sections of the society and has no discrimination policies whatsoever.Brown University financial aid has helped many underprivileged students earn degrees and fulfill their educational goal. The financial aid department has created a number of aid packages to suit the individual finance need of students. The department offers great consultation and guidance to students looking for financial assistance. These experts help student’s analyze and choose a financial package that seems the most favorable. Students whose annual income is less than $60,000 yearly are not required to make a contribution to their tuition costs. Other Brown University financial aid options are listed below:
  • Federal loans (Stafford and Perkins loan)
  • Scholarships
  • State grants
  • Private loan options
  • The undergraduate teaching and research assistantship (UTRA Program)
  • Campus employment of federal work study program
  • Army ROTC
  • Internships
Students can receive federal loans by submitting a FAFSA application form to the universities financial aid office. On the other hand, scholarships and grants are provided to students who have an outstanding academic record, these and are completely merit based. Work study programs are help encourage students to work and manage their loan repayments. They have awarded over $90 million as scholarships alone this year, helping thousands of deserving students graduate from their university. These indiscriminate Brown University financial aid packages have added to the reputation of the university.