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Boston College Financial Aid

Boston College Boston College is one of the few traditional institutes in the United States which has a long history of academic excellence. Established in 1863, it was founded by the Society of Jesus as a center of enlightenment and education. Located on a sprawling 380 acre campus in Chest Hill, Massachusetts, Boston College has more than fourteen thousand students enrolled in a number of educational programs. Every Year it receives more than a billion dollars in endowments and has been ranked by Forbes as on one the best centers for learning. Keeping up with its tradition of fairness and social justice, the Boston College financial aid program welcomes students from all backgrounds.

Boston College Financial Aid

Boston College offers a comprehensive financial aid program that aims to cater every individual irrespective of its status. Apart from federal aid, the Boston college financial aid office also welcomes scholarship awards from other institutions.

Types of financial aid available are listed below,

  • Scholarships (Institutional & Outside)
  • Grants
  • Work Study programs
  • Loans

Every case is considered by the Boston College financial aid >office on merit. Eligibility for aid is strictly determined on the basis of personal accomplishment and financial need. Both cost of attendance and family contribution of the student are considered when determining financial eligibility.

Application Process

Students interested in taking advantage of Boston College financial aid must have a prior Cost of Attendance estimate. This estimate plays an important role when applying for financial aid.  Prospective students are required to initially fill out the FAFSA application to be considered for federal aid. In addition to FAFSA, students also need to submit the CSS profile with their parent’s current tax returns and W2 forms. Once the forms are submitted, students will be notified via e mail if they have qualified for financial aid.


Calculating the Cost of Attendance is of utmost importance as it determines the amount required in financial aid.  Students are also recommended to be aware of deadlines as late submissions can result in some of the aid options being inaccessible. And students are vehemently requested to use their federal aid first before turning to alternative options.